Welcome To
Shipyard Training and Employment

We're an accredited,  Assessment and Training Center!
All of our courses come with a certificate of completion

Shipyard Training and Employment
is the answer to your
Skilled Trades Shortage

We only accept the top 10 students for each class
We evaluate each employees skill and ability, highlight their strengths
And train them perform to the best of their ability


Reading comprehension
Communication skills
Critical thinking
Basic Math

Background investigation
Drug screen and Physical work ability exam

OSHA 10 Hour Maritime
V.S.R.A. Safety

Fire watch and Hot-work
Job Safety Analysis
Ruler reading
Ship orientation and design


1. Basic Safety
2. Introduction to Construction Math
3. Introduction to Hand Tools
4. Introduction to Power Tools
5. Introduction to Blueprint Reading
6. Introduction to Basic Rigging
7. Basic Communication Skills
8. Basic Employability Skills
9. Introduction to Material Handling.

Skilled Labor Provider

After students complete level one training
We provide you with trained  craftsman
Most of our employees begin at a handyman level  
They work for you during the day as a  temporary employee
And continue training two - three nights a week
until they become a journey level craftsman
You also have the option to hire employees for a minimal fee