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What is Shipyard Training and Employment about?
Our success depends on your success.  We have spent hundreds of hours researching the most effective training methods.  We found that one size does not fit all.   How students learn is constantly changing.  We use multiple advanced technology resources to keep up with the latest changes and training techniques.   Our programs are a little-bit flexible, which gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace.   The more you apply yourself and prove your skills the faster you complete the program and increase you pay.  This also gets more skilled craftsman on the deck-plate in the shortest amount of time.  Our goal is not only to to teach craft skills, but too in-still good work ethics.  Good craftsmanship is imperative, but the integrity of our employees is what keeps us at the top of our game.  All employees are required to complete a pre-employment evaluation, and undergo background check to determine their eligibility.  We are raising the bar and setting a new standard for all shipyard employees.  Therefore we can only accept employees who prove they have the potential and willingness to succeed.

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Shipyard Jobs Require Experience

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