Shipyard Services

Working in the Ship repair industry  has  been chanenging and rewarding .   The chalenges have been met with a postive attitude and the mind set that every job must be complete no matter what it takes.   The reward is completing the job no matter how diffacult, safe and on time, we did it!

Shipyard Training Academy

What good is being a masater craftsman, or having  a lifetime of
experience, if you dont teach others the skills you have learned?
Our subject matter experts teach their skills to the next generation.

Shipyard Skilled Labor Provider

Why choose us?  
We do things different. Our skilled craftsmen are required to complete a written exam and a performance evaluation.  With that information we can provide an accurate assesment of their skill set.  But thats not the end.  If they lack certain skills we have the resoueces to help them learn the  skills they need to become the best craftsman they can be.

Ship Repair Service

With all the skills and experience on our team it would be a waste  not to utilize it.  All of our employees are trained  to lead by example.  Our managers and skilled craftsmen are  capable of completing your job, on time, within budget.  Our employees are the  key to our  success.