Training Qualifications

Be Enthusiastic,  Apply Yourself,  Do Your Best 

Pass our free entrance exams
Complete work-ability exam
Pass background check, and drug screening
Provide all documentation required for government access

How much does training cost?
On average, $25 per credit hour
As long as you are employed by Shipyard Training and Employment
  The total cost of your training is covered
Once you complete entry level training, you start work
You work 1st shift, and attend classes 2-3 nights a week

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Entry Level - Core

Core is a prerequisite  for all trades

1. Basic Safety 
2. Introduction to Construction Math.
3. Introduction to Hand Tools.
4. Introduction to Power Tools.
5. Introduction to Construction Drawings.
6. Introduction to Basic Rigging.
7. Basic Communication Skills.
8. Basic Employability Skills.
9. Introduction to Material Handling.

Core Outline

Apply Today
mailto:[email protected]

Preparation is a key element to all job's.  We want you to join our team.   
We're looking for individuals who desire to succeed.
Please complete our free on-line training and assessments. 
Be prepared to provide documentation supporting your application.

Missing documents or not completing your application, greatly reduce you chances of being accepted   
Supporting documents are a mandatory requirement