How to Read a Ruler Training

For this section you will need paper and pencil.  Draw a rectangle just like the picture in the video.  Then you will follow along.  It will take approximately 5 minutes to learn how to read a ruler. 

Click the link below.

How to Read a Ruler Video

Virginia Ship Repair Training
All shipyard employees are required to complete the VSRA training prior to workin gin the shipyard.

You must have a code to access VSRA courses. 
You can get a code from your employeer. 
Or you have the option to pay for the course.

Safety Training  

Follow the link below 

Safety Training

Hot Work Permit Authorizing Indivigual (PAI)

Hot Work PAI Training

Follow the link below

Hot Work PAI


2511 Build America Drive
Hampton, VA, 23666, US