We are Hiring

Unless Noted:  All jobs are located in Hampton Roads Shipyards

Entry Level - Helper, Fire Watch, Powertool Operator
Must complete the following requirements prior to starting work.

1. Complete our  free online assesment.

2. Pass a government background check. (No Felony)  Must be eligable to work in all shipyards and government facilities. 
Provide the following documentation.
a. Birth Certificate
b. Social Security Card
c. Government Issue Identification

3. Complete Workability medical exam.
And pass a drug screen.

4. Complete the following required training
a. OSHA 10
b. Fire Watch
c. VSRA Safety
d. Introduction to power tools

We are hiring skilled craftsmen in the following trades.
Journey level experience required! 
You must pass a written exam and performance evaluation.

Outside Machinist
Ship fitters
Sheet metal

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