Frequently Asked Questions

 Background Check

The following is required to get your security clearance and access to work on Government ships.
1. Education verification; name of all schools attended, and certificates or degrees obtained.  With complete address.
2. Employment verification for the last 10 years. Company, address, phone and contact person.
3. You will also be submitted to National Security background search.  City, state, and federal convictions, including traffic violations should be on your background application.  All information must be accurate, time of conviction, places, dates etc.

Two forms of Identification required

1. Valid Drivers Licenses State,
2. Federal or local Government issue ID
3. Passport
4. Birth certificate with raised seal
5. Record of US Military service (DD Form 1966)

How to improve your chances of Success

First of all, honesty comes from within, it's who you are.   No matter what happened in your past,  today can be the turning point.   Honesty will improve your chances of being selected. 
Next is your commitment. You must show-up on-time, every day. Do your best at all times, no matter what you're doing, do your best.   
We are aware you are learning and will not expect you to know everything in the beginning.  But we do require your best at all times. 
Our success depends on your success.  We are willing to train you for a lifetime career.   However, the only way to succeed is doing your best.   
As long as you show us you are trying we are going to do our best to make sure you succeed.

What to expect

We try hard to make this a great place to work.  However, employees are required to work in challenging conditions every day.   It is hot and sweaty in the summer and freezing in the winter.  You will be required to wear safety equipment, respirator when working in fumes, dust, smoke, and or toxic atmosphere.  You will be required to work in extremely tight, confined spaces.  You might be required to wear a full body harness while working on scaffolding in high elevations, sometime 75-100 feet in the air.  If you are timid, afraid of heights, or claustrophobic, this might not be the best career choice for you.  We will do our best to help you get in a trade that will minimize extreme conditions but we want you to know up front, what to expect and  it's possible you will be required to work in these conditions.  These are high paying careers, but it is hard work.   During your training and performance evaluation you will be given instructions on how and when to use personal protective equipment.  Your hands on training will consist of real life examples that you will encounter on the job. 

How can I get started today?

1.   Apply to start online training now.
2.   Take the assessment evaluation.
3.  Complete the on-line training, and take the exam for introduction to safety, hot work, and tool use, which you must learn before you can work in any shipyard trade.


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